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Square Review

Skip to content. To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens a Card Account. What this means for you: When you open a Card Account, we will ask for your name, address, date of birth, and other information that will allow us to identify you. Get paid with PayPal Here.

See how it works. Clear, simple pricing 2. Accept most payment types Accept major credit and debit cards in person or on-the-go, send invoices, and record cash and check transactions. Live customer support Our knowledgeable team is here to help whenever you have a question, available on either your phone or via email. No long-term commitment Pay as you sell with no monthly fees, setup fees, cancelation fees or processing minimums.

Getting started is easy. Explore the App. See More Features. Find the card reader that's right for your business. PayPal Here card readers, powered by our mobile app, make it easy to accept secure payments in your store or on-the-go. Chip and Swipe Reader Our most popular card reader — Ideal for businesses that need to take payments on the go, in store, or in an office. Visit our web store to order a reader. Shop Now. Point-of-sale solutions for your growing business.

The PayPal Here app is ideal for getting paid on the go but if your business needs something more, check out the solutions offered by our partners with PayPal in-person payments integrated. Don't have PayPal Here?

Visit Square for the best deal. Square Payments and Point of Sale from Square. Square is, without a doubt, the most feature-rich and advanced mobile processing mPOS solution you can find without a monthly fee. It doubles as a countertop POS system, too. With Square Payments, merchants typically pay a flat rate of 2. No monthly fee. No statement fees. No monthly minimum.

This is an extraordinary deal for many merchants, especially new ones without an established processing history. Get Started With Square. If you want a seamless transition between online and in-person or in-store , Square also provides you with a sleek but basic online store that syncs with your in-app inventory, including inventory counts, as well as eCommerce integrations. Get Started.

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No Monthly Fees. Obviously, with the way Square has been growing, there have been some changes. For merchants with small ticket values, these new pricing schemes could mean paying more in fees, so tread carefully. Square has just one shortcoming: US, Canada , UK. Flat rate. And now Square offers upgraded POS systems tailored toward retail and restaurants, along with eCommerce features.

Here are the major features worth noting. One of the biggest advantages of Square is the predictable pricing. Square has also introduced the Square Card , which is a MasterCard debit card that gives you immediate access to your funds without needing a bank transfer. When you order your Square card, Square disables transfers to your bank and starts accumulating your funds in a digital wallet. You can use your debit card at stores, online, and even at ATMs.

Square will give you an automatic 2. Customers can pay for orders without having to pull out their cards, even in the POS. I like that Square makes it very easy to store card details via multiple channels, but still provides layers of security. More importantly, Square offers assistance with contract creation by providing a wide range of templates.

The fact that the virtual terminal is free beyond the processing costs is actually astounding. You can even store card data in the virtual terminal to charge customers without making them re-submit payment information. In August , Square also added support for its magstripe card readers on Apple computers and Chromebooks. Payments processed using the card reader process at the in-person rate, while manually entered transactions process at the standard keyed rate. I hope we might see that in the future. Square has supported recurring billing via invoices for a while, but the company recently added support for installment payments as well.

With the Installments feature, you can offer financing on purchases directly from Square Capital. Square now has four separate point of sale apps, catering to merchants based on the type of business they run. Square Appointments is now officially a full-fledged POS app with appointment scheduling built in. The two most recent additions to the lineup are the equally generically named Square for Retail and Square for Restaurants.

Featured Square Payments Apps and Services. The Square Point of Sale app is just about the most powerful app you can get for free, and it rivals many subscription options, too. You can set tips and discounts, record cash and check transactions, handle split tenders, and much, much more. App features include:. Square Point of Sale can be used in all sorts of environments, from quick-service restaurants and cafes to retail shops, mobile businesses and more. Features include:. Read our full Square Appointments review for a more complete look at all the features and capabilities.

This iPad-exclusive system features an entirely redesigned user interface, optimized for search and scanning. Transactions process at 2.

Download Square Point of Sale for Android

Square for Restaurants focuses primarily on full-service enterprises. Quick-serve businesses should be looking at Square POS and its features instead, especially with a small average ticket size. I do want to point out that the actual user interface with the POS is extremely customizable, down to the size and color of buttons and how menus are displayed, which is not something we have seen with Square before.

Not only that, but Square offers you the option to work with an onboarding consultant who will walk you through setting your POS up, creating menus, floorplans, and more. However, the bigger change is that Square charges 2. Your options for selling online are getting better all the time — especially now that Square has bought Weebly.

I do want to mention — Square does support inventory integrations if you need something robust. Shopventory supports multiple locations, and its features are more advanced than Square Point of Sale or even Square for Retail, including bundling. The pricing is absolutely competitive, even for small merchants with large inventories. Check out our Shopventory review for a better idea of the features and pricing. Here are more noteworthy features:. See the free POS. Sign up for free. Use Square's built-in timeclock system or easily integrate with a third-party timecard service.

Make payroll predictable and easy to understand for both you and your whole team. Square has always had great hardware and pricing for said hardware. But the list of options is getting pretty complex, from an assortment of card readers to tablet stands, receipt printers, cash drawers, and bundled kits — not to mention an entire series of standalone POS devices. Square is pretty friendly about the whole bring-your-own-device thing, so long as the device you bring is compatible with its hardware.

If you prefer, you can buy iPads and other POS hardware from Square directly, which will ensure compatibility. Terms vary based on the total sum financed, but you can choose the payback period to help better manage your cash flow. In addition, Square now offers two all-in-one POS devices with built-in card readers: Square Register and Square Terminal. The Register setup features a inch screen with a 7-inch customer-facing display. However, all of the hardware — a receipt printer, cash drawer, etc. The biggest change, though, is its pricing plan: Square is offering 2.

Whether the costs justify what you get depends on perspective, though. For a more detailed look, check out our complete Square Register review. If you think Square Register might be a bit too much for your needs, Square Terminal is the ideal compromise. This small credit card terminal features a smartphone-sized screen and runs Square Point of Sale. It also has integrated card readers for magstripe, chip card, and contactless transactions, as well as a built-in receipt printer. The battery is designed for all-day use so you can certainly go wireless with it — or you can keep it plugged in and charging on a countertop.

However, Square Terminal does have some compatibility with the Restaurants POS, so you can use Terminal to take payments at the table and improve the ordering process without having to add additional devices to your subscription. Check out our Square Terminal review for more information. Or at least, it used to be.

With all of the new products and services Square has launched lately, things have gotten a little bit more complicated. Nor will you have to navigate hidden fees. You can also order a Square Card and have immediate access to all of your Square funds via the card. You can use your Square card in stores and online, and even withdraw cash from ATMs.

Instant and same-day deposits seem to be pretty popular with merchants. Only PayPal is able to get you your money just as quickly, as far as payment processors are concerned. I miss the days of being able to say Square charges just 2. Are you a Canadian merchant? This is one of the challenges of using Square. Sure, plenty of software providers including Shopify and Toast have built-in payment processing. Plenty of processors offer default software integrations for POS systems, but very few have built those software options by themselves, and fewer still have built such complex, powerful, and seamless systems.

Square is unique as far as its products and its approach to payments. And honestly, that in and of itself makes Square noteworthy. As you start processing higher volumes or larger transactions, a merchant account is certainly the more stable option, and depending on your processor you might get a dedicated account rep to answer questions and resolve problems. But for a new merchant or a low-volume business, it is hard to argue with the sheer value that Square presents. And even large businesses are finding value in staying with Square. Visit Square. There is no early termination fee or locked-in contract with Square, which is true of almost all third-party processors.

Be warned that you must wait the full 30 days in your trial period before canceling or renewing your subscription. This is really what we like to see at Merchant Maverick. We just wish more companies in the payment industry would follow suit. For me, Square. This is the biggest complaint from merchants using Square, and surely the company is aware of this. All fees, rates, and important information appear in their sales copy, and just about everything else you could ever want to know about processing with Square appears in detail within the extensive Help Center.

I fully expect companies that serve small businesses to know how to market to small businesses. And that means putting information online, providing helpful content, and knowing how to use social media. Square has a really solid handle on all of these issues. The company at least seems to be addressing complaints about customer service on its social media channels, and not just the SqSupport Twitter channel.

You can message the Facebook page directly if you need help. This is absolutely essential, and I like that Square is addressing a really broad range of merchants and their needs. I personally know lots of artists who rely on the service, and quite a few local restaurants and farmers market vendors.

But there are many, many others who do, and all of them have unique needs and preferences. I am thrilled about how open, transparent, and helpful Square is on the marketing side of things. However, your mileage may vary with both Square for Restaurants and Retail, because they have entirely different interfaces and they are specialized to particular niches. The dashboard is the unifying element to the Square system.

You can also manage your monthly subscription services, your POS systems, and your reports from within the dashboard.


But that said, the POS apps can handle some back-end office management features. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Remember that some features, such as receipt printing, are iPad exclusives, and you can only run a full countertop POS setup from an iPad or Square Register. As far as Android support goes, things are a bit spotty. Android devices need to be running Android 5. Want to know what hardware works with your device?

Square has an interactive menu where you can select a device and see which hardware is actually compatible with it. This is actually very nice to see and far from universal, so kudos to Square to putting this together. The same limitations apply: Please note: You are not legally obligated to accept EMV in any way, shape, or form.

Square makes it very easy, which is a major mark in its favor. Square has a long list of add-ons and integrations in its app marketplace. They include accounting tools, ecommerce, invoicing, POS systems, inventory, recurring billing and a lot more. Lately, Square has added more integrations tailored to specific industries such as healthcare management, too. You can also get even more value out of Square with these add-on services. You have a few ways to reach out to Square if you have a problem. You can message the Facebook page, tweet SqSupport on social media, or send Square an email.

Pacific Time. Square is quick to brag that most other departments keep in close contact with the support team, including the executives. The phone support system is still limited only to merchants who can obtain a customer code and then dial in. People whose accounts have been terminated cannot reach Square on the phone, as the company says they will only communicate via email once that happens.

The vast majority of your questions regarding the Square system will be answered in this online user manual. This is, in my opinion, the gold standard for merchant services support pages. Even larger processors with more resources have trouble executing customer support well. Square is actually putting in the effort to make consistent improvement. Many of the complaints are the same and just cross-posted on different complaints sites, for starters. Some merchants encounter holds, then provide the information Square requests for verification purposes only to receive a termination notice.

An account termination notice, however, is absolutely final, and generally Square will hold any funds for up to days 6 months to cover any chargebacks before releasing the funds to you. I have heard some cases where Square will allow you to refund the customers and accept an alternative not Square payment form instead, but not all merchants can do this retailers, for example. The negative chatter about Square is scary, but there is some good out there! Square has been a really good POS solution for lots of businesses. I like that there is a mix of short testimonials with merchant and business names attached as well as long-form press coverage.

The company has experienced growing pains and gotten a bad reputation for holding merchant funds. Square cannot offer flawless account stability as a result of its third-party processing model. Please remember that Square is not for everyone, despite the company accepting virtually anyone who applies for an account.

If you fall into this category, you are better off with a merchant account. Are you on this list? Many of these industries can still accept credit card payments with a special high-risk merchant account. Get a High-Risk Merchant Account See all of Square's prohibited products and industries Hide But if you are just starting out, your process payments infrequently, or you are still processing a low volume each month, Square could be an amazing tool. Even mid-sized to larger businesses can benefit from everything Square offers.

As far as value goes, it is very hard to beat Square. Its pricing for card processing is absolutely competitive for a pay-as-you-go processor, and it can sometimes beat out or at least break even with interchange-plus plans. All of the free software puts merchants in a position to save money. Square has earned its 5-star rating for these reasons. I am also excited to see where Square might go next. Because one thing is for certain: Have you opened an account with Square? Please leave us a comment with your experience! Good or bad, your feedback helps us immensely.

Responses are not provided or commissioned by the vendor or bank advertiser.

Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the vendor or bank advertiser. Trust me. There is a better way. I called customer service to get the magstrip reader that plugs into my iPhone X, the the customer service representative is sending me the lightning magstrip reader for free. Customer service is non existent. Try getting a human to sort out any issue with faulty equipment, refunds, replacements or problems with the site. Do not use Square as your point of sale system.

I am absolutely infuriated by my dealings with our account manager and the way Square has handled our account for the last year and a half. I am closing my account and will be taking it upon myself to let all small business owners I know what a dishonest company Square is. We were charged a higher fee rate for our transactions without our knowledge for a year and a half. When we purchased the Register and were promised a 2.

Square as a company offered absolutely no assistance or refund to make me believe that actually care about us as a customer. They do not care about their clients. Go somewhere else. Terrible company. There service got hooked up to my brand new website. I spent a lot of money for advertisement and when I was expecting to get my first sales my account with Square got permanently deactivated. The Email I received said that I violated some agreement policies. I was not able to get any explanation over the phone, because it kept saying I have to send an Email if I have any questions.

I have sent an Email and never got answer. Thanks got I got no sales, so got scammed for no money, but my web site was without any payment option for 4 days until I got approved by another company. Square Terminal, in my opinion, is a game changer in the industry. As a former Senior Manager for Apple, I left to start my own business. From a practical standpoint, Square Terminal will turn every small business into an Apple Store.

Love square up. It makes everything go smoothly. I cant afford start with big business so I starting by going to flea market and selling and using square has made me money I would not had made without it. In the world if credit cards its a must. The first transaction I had I got worried because after sale I received message wanting more info on sale for security purposes. It was very reasonable documents and info they requested and since i sent in email immediately my funds were never affected and I appreciate them looking out for safety my customers.

Very easy to use and helpful! I used Square to collect membership fees. Square will not take my calls. I find it interesting that the reviewer downplayed all of the negative aspects and reviews of this company from real-life users of the product. How can you even give them a star rating without taking any of it in to consideration?

Was going to get more info but not any more!! Glad I found this site! And thank you for commenting! To address your concern about the validity of our reviews, please read our post on negativity bias and how this site makes money to better understand how Merchant Maverick delivers real, unbiased reviews to our readers. Good luck to you! Oh you can still process customer credit cards the funds just stay with square. Providing this information was a huge inconvenience for a small business but the real issue was they were now holding one month of our income captive so what choice do we have but comply.

Why not ask for this information up front? Well we go through that and began to use square which is easy to use, MONTHS go by and an innocent questions appears saying your have a review question would you like to answer it now? The choices below are answer now or answer later. I would love to give them a zero but will have to settle for on start. If you have not started with them look elsewhere.

This brings me to my point, I truly believe this is a scam used to hold money due to users for the purpose of lining their pockets with interest that they would not otherwise earn. Why else would you not mention that until the review is completed and two days have passed you will not receive any money from the transactions you process?

Why else would you not have a big flashing sign at login saying your deposits are frozen until the review is done? The obvious answer to these questions is of course they want you to ignore the review so they can hold your deposits and they want you to keep running customer credit payments so they get to hold more and more. Put them in the same class as those payday lenders looking to scam every penny they can get from you. The product is a Salt Lamp and they have not yet told me how a Salt Lamp violates their terms of service. I prefer to work with companies I can trust as a partner, not one that feels they know best what I should be doing.

Thumbs DownNot only are their fees high which can be overlooked if you are not doing large monthly processing dollar amounts or for the sacrifice of Convenience this will be an option for you. Also they charge me twice for one transaction. There is no points in contract about it at all. For my question what part of the agreement has the information they can hold my money for any time I receive no answer.

So they use my money as they want not asking me and violate contract. Terrible experience. Here is a link to their General Terms of Service where it states:. Modification and Termination We may terminate these General Terms or any Additional Terms, or suspend or terminate your Square Account or your access to any Service, at any time for any reason.

We may add or remove, suspend, stop, delete, discontinue or impose conditions on Services or any feature or aspect of a Service. We will take reasonable steps to notify you of termination or these other types of Service changes by email or at the next time you attempt to access your Square Account.

They have adhered to every single thing I was told before enrolling. NO monthly fee, NO tranaction fee, deposits delivered swiftly to my bank account. In fact, I once accidentally sent it through the washer and dryer, and it still worked perfectly. Transactions go so smoothly. We are a seasonal business, open year round but hardly any winter visitors. Square dies NOT hike our cost per transaction when we charge less just when we can afford it least as the bank used to. Their card machine also sometimes did not work in stormy weather.

We almost gave up on taking credit cards due to ridiculous bank policies. Then you have. What business owner has time for that nonsense? Thought a star was necessary post a review. We heard SQ was shutting down Vape shops and called twice to make sure we were in compliance and was assured we had nothing to worry about. We do not sell on line nor do we sell CBD and as stated above SQ does not give you a reason for termination.

I ordered square for my new business. The sales rep reassured me that if it was not suitable for my business I had 30 days to try it out and could return it if it did not work. Myself and my husband both called and they were nothing but rude to us. Meanwhile, my husband was deploying active military to Iraq and I let them know this because it is extremely poor taste and horrible customer service to not work with us on this.

Then the representative told me she was hanging up on me! I use square for my other small business and I let them know I was terminating my use for The Little Black Dog Shoppe from here on out. Square deserves none of my business and I lost full respect for this company.

I have 20 vendors in my shop all of which know what occurred with square. I will make sure to continue to spread the word on the poor customer service by this company. I have never dealt with a colder, unprofessional company like square, clearly they are among the worst when it comes to service. There are thousands of reviews that are real life horror stories. I would never, ever use or reccommend them- they cost me and my business dearly. I keep hoping for a class action I will be the first on board. Hi Melissa I like your review of Square. I own a small art gallery.

Two-ish years ago we adopted Square as a POS system. We operate basically, like a co-op. We do not have a recorded inventory. With respect to Square I know it records more data than I access. Their personal sales data could then accompany their check. Any thoughts? Thanks, Julie http: If you would like to give your artists information about the products that sold in a neat report, there are two ways I am aware of that you could do that:.

Set the quantity to 1. This is going to be time consuming, especially once you get started, but Square does have a bulk upload option. But this will give you the most detailed information about what sold. If you do this, you create what Square calls a Variable Price Point item, and when you select it, Square will prompt you to enter a price.

For this scenario, you could honestly pull either a category report or an item report. Square does collect a lot of data, and you can do a lot with it. I know that you can leave notes on quick sale transaction, and you can sort through sales data on a per-transaction level. But honestly? Pulling the reports will be just a matter of a few clicks. Here are some resources to help you get started! I have a major problem with Square. I have tried to contact them by phone and email thru their customer service for two weeks and get no response.

They are refusing to process credit card transactions and are holding the money. Do you have any ideals where I can file an official complaint, or a good email address so I can try to solve this problem. Best of luck to you! They deactivated my account and kept the money from my client for themselves. They could at least cancel the transaction and refund my client.

Or email me if there was a problem. But why bother?? I have just started to use debit square reader. I have clients that like to leave a tip. There is a tip option on the credit cards but I cant seem to find one on the debit reader. It appears that tipping works on tapped debit transactions. Great article Melissa,I have been using Square for years. We were with Suntrust processing through First Data for years.

It got to the point that I just printed out a ton of the last 3 months worth of statements and just handed it to them and sent them on their way. This went on for 5 years.

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They no longer offer that deal but let me repeat that! Square is extremely easy. You CAN get to a live person if you follow my instructions in a reply to another customer on how to contact Square. Their customer service is helpful to a point. I LOVE the fact that their is no PCI Compliance fee, no batch fees, no 3 year contract Wells Fargo , no deciphering how much I am going to be charged whether it is a Visa Gift Card or a Foreign card or many of the other tricks that these merchants pull to get money out of you and never has been a hassle for me. I do not use their POS system but I do utilize their Square app and store my clients information on their server and am in the middle of having a website developed to help me with monthly and yearly billings.

My guess is a lot of these people that are complaining about Square are on the TMF list and are upset that their accounts are being closed by Square so they come and write a bad review. The thing is they must be aware that they are on the TMF list or there is something wrong because other merchants would have done the same thing to them; closed or froze their account after one transaction.

That is what was happening to me when an old business partner that was on the books legally still found his name on the TMF list. It took me 3 months and threatening law suits against people to discover this after being shut down multiple times from multiple processors. I had to remove his name from the business legally and then all was right in the world.

His name dropped off the TMF list after 5 years. I have been processing with Square for over 5 years now and am happy as can be. Maybe someone can answer this question. If I buy there stand, reader,cash draw and a get a Ipad and somewhere down the road they stop my credit card swiping will the pos software still work on the Ipad.

I know I wont be able to swip cards but could I still use the Ipad and get end of day report? If you happen to figure this out on your own, please let us know what solution you find so we can learn how to answer something like this in the future.

Square Register for Android - Free download and software reviews - CNET

Best of luck! Log into your Square account. Go to support center on the left side at the bottom, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click contact us. You will need the customer code to get past the automated teller. You can Contact Square by phone and ask them. They will be more than happy to answer your question. Just ask them if you can continue using the POS system if you ever cancel your account. I do not believe you can because it is integrated into the Square system through their API and if you cancel your account you will no longer have access to that API or their database but that is definitely a question for them.

Wayne, followed your instructions and this is what I get. I had tried this before with same results. I have been trying to contact them for two weeks now. They have deactivated my account but are still taking credit card payments from my customers. Problem is, they are not forwarding the payments to me. I send them emails, get no response and as you say without that account number the phone call is a waste.

I would just like to know who I can contact to file an official complaint on them. When I went into my account, I did see in the bank info that a bank was listed that was not mine. I think I got that changed, hope so anyway. They show transactions pending for me. The deactivate and close accounts without ANY warning, without contacting you, without helping you, without responding to you. Good info and thanks.

download square credit card reader app Download square credit card reader app
download square credit card reader app Download square credit card reader app
download square credit card reader app Download square credit card reader app
download square credit card reader app Download square credit card reader app
download square credit card reader app Download square credit card reader app
download square credit card reader app Download square credit card reader app
download square credit card reader app Download square credit card reader app
download square credit card reader app Download square credit card reader app
Download square credit card reader app

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