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Hangman game - Guess the word. WhatsApp Messenger. Yuka - Scan de produits. Yes Michael, you are absolutely right, there are countless possibilities for this issue. Let me give some more details on this. Your phone is broken — No, I am able to connect to Wifi hotspot created in a Windows 7 machine using same method with my phones and Ipad. Wifi adapter is broken — No, it connects to other wifi networks. I used a program called CCProxy as a proxy server for the hostednetwork It uses as http port. Then I changed the settings in phone and ipad and internet started working in both.

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Same was the situation in my Windows phone also. So my observation is that, by default some or most of the ports are blocked in the Windows 8 machine. So other devices are not able to send or receive data without proxy. CCProxy set the port to listen, but not all protocols were allowed. Port 80 is not present netstat command output.

I believe port 80 should be in listening mode I am not sure. Now with my limited knowledge, I am not able to proceed further. Please see if you can figure out anything with your expertise, based on this observation. It would be helpful for a lot of people with this issue. If you feel that we can take this discussion offline, please send me a mail to the id which I used for commenting.

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Your help is highly appreciated. I'm going to have to go back even further. I tried to run diagnostics on the virtual network, and now when I try to start I get an error: The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation. Part of me wants to uninstall and reinstall the driver.

But I have no idea where to get the driver from. I'll look into it. Perhaps this is part of your problem. Sir, i am using Windows 8 and my college wifi connection. I followed the process mentioned above. My hotspot is created. But i cant use it. What is it? I tried with the user authentication ID and password which is given by the college but i cannot share my internet connection with another system. What should i do? PC is not restarting after command When I start connectify, after some time PC restarts Or when i try to use utorrent or just try to browse internet This issue existed even before CCProxy was installed.

I know the last resort is to reinstall Windows. If I was hopeful that it would resolve this issue, I would have done that long back. Thanks anyways. I will not be asking any more questions. Am connected to the hostednetwork that i create on my windows 8 pc , but i have a problem why this connection doesnt start on startup , every time that i power on my pc i shold give this comand "netsh wlan start hostednetwork" how to make my pc to rember this comand?

Are there any commands we can use with netsh wlan to force a particulary channel or more important to make the new connection SSID invisible? I have not found any.

How to share Wi-Fi in Windows 8 with Internet connection sharing (ICS) – 4sysops

Thanx man it works It does creates the hotspot but the signal strength is too weak Is there any way to increase the signal strength I've got to step 9 where I can select my Home Networking connection, but theres no option to select the new Local Area connection. Whats my next step?

My other devices recognize my network but are unable to access it. Michael, first of all god bless you for your time and effort. I did all of the steps above many many times and it worked just fine, and then i connect to the shared wifi with my iphone and it connects just fine but there's no internet connection. I also tried virtual router manager, at first there was some issue with it i don't know what it was but it suddenly started to work but the same problem exists. I connect to it normally with my iphone but no internet conncetion, whenever i brows a web it takes forever and says "the server stopped responding".

Thanks for you time. Thanks for this great guide. Had successfully created a wifi but my device cant connect. As in step 9 the device under LAN does not have any dropbox as shown and only defaulted on "Wi-FI" as selected parameter cannot be edited as in the case of Andy. Michael, thanks for your quick reply. I uninstalled all third-party software, the same problem exists.

I really need this to work. Am getting this error "an error occurred while internet connection sharing was being enabled" in windows 8 while trying to enable the sharing option of ethernet. Previously it used to work bt now it aint working anymore Moreover when i use d command "netsh wlan start hostednetwork" in command prompt admin its showing that the hostednetowrk couldn't be started, the group or resource is nt in the correct state to perfomr the required operation.. I'm trying to connect an offline desktop to an online laptop.

The laptop is connected to a wifi router in another room. I went through all the steps. When I was done, it said 'cannot get IP address' for the desktop. Step 3: I don't have a network called 'Hotspot'. I called it 'Ethernet', because that's what it calls itself on the first line.

I also tried calling it 'Unidentified network' in the CMD line. Step 6: Your instructions say the new Local Area Connecton will call itself Hotspot. But it doesn't on mine. It did say 'Identifying' when I did this, so I waited like it says in the instructions, but nothing ever got 'identified'. Step 7: I looked for a 'Properties' tab on the laptop connection that is connected to the Wifi, but there wasn't one.

So I tried to change the Properties on the Ethernet and the Local Area Connection connections, but they didn't do anything. I lost my internet connection because of that. Several commenters here have complained that the settings go back to factory settings when you boot the computer, so I booted it to start over. But the settings didn't go back to normal.

So I don't know what they're talking about. I eventually got the internet back after changing some things. Step 8: I did manage to change the laptop connection to say 'share with other computers', but that doesn't mean it worked. The other computer doesn't have an IP address so isn't connected.

Step 9: I've followed all the instructions to the best of my ability, I've spent hours on this, and it doesn't work. I have no idea how to make these other connections acquire an IP address. Can you explain what else I'm supposed to do, or what is supposed to be done differently? You can choose whatever ssid you like. It has nothing to do with the names of other network adapters in your computer.

You can name it "noahbody" if you want. Only if the noahbody adapter appears, did you master this step. My iPhone and iPad see's the hosted network, but can't connect to it. I am connecting via usb stick. I made the hosted network and followed the steps you listed above, but my android phone still have limited connectivity with that yellow triangle For all who have of problems with sharing WiFi on Windows 8. This worked for me. I followed the procedure correctly, and disabled the firewall and connected to the hosted network and then enabled it again. Mohamed,my guess is that you shared the wrong network adapter.

You have to share the USB network adapter in step 7. MIcheal my internet on the host computer has been successfully shared. Hi, I am currently in college and am on college internet I don't know if this has any effect but in case it does I wanted to share this. Once I get to sharing the ethernet cable connection i dont have the option to share it with my new virtual connection, only wifi. How do I fix this? If you can connect with other machines than with your phone, then maybe your phone has a problem.

I successfully completed all the mentioned 9 steps with any issue. Even my hotspot name is also coming in my lumia wifi. But after giving my password i. Any hep is appreciable. I did all the steps carefully and accurate. I tried it from another mobile device but the same problem. In past it was working in my previous windows 8. I re-installed my windows 8 and in this new one, it didnt work.

I checked my firewall settings but it was ok. I hope you can help! If it does, you can enable the firewall again. Make sure that you have no other networking or security software installed that could interfere. Set everything to automatic. If you don't need the LAN adapter, just disable it right click. I did the same following your steps, am able to connect to the network which I created in the windows 8 through my Android phone, but am unable to browse internet and it doesn't throw any error messages. Could you please help me to resolve this issue.

I followed your procedure but once I put the password on my phone all the bars go up but I cant access the internet. I get internet through a modem and I have windows 8. Please help For those having trouble accessing the internet, check the DNS settings on the connecting device iphone, ipad, handset, whatever. So for an Ipad for instance, go through the procedure as described and ensure you are getting an IP number from the windows 8 machine for your device.

You can check this by going to settings on the IPad, clicking the i button to drill into the settings for the hotspot connection and checking the ipad address under dhcp. If the ipv4 DNS address is the same as the router then that is likely your issue. Its not that you cant connect to the internet but that your domains are not being resolved. This is because your win 8 machine is not actually a DNS server so it doesn;t resolve the addresses.

Thank you, it worked out well. Sir , everything is fine without a single error, I did what you mentioned. Even mobile can see the Hotspot and connects, but On computer access is showing internet and in phone nothing is happening?? It took 10 times longer to find your only really complete solution to the Windows 8. Perhaps Google needs to raise your profile to the top of the list so we don't make so many errors To all others for whom the description didn't work. Please read the comments above. I already answered all questions. If it says "obtaining IP address" forever or loops on that - change ip from automatic to For me it helped.

But there is another bigger problem - when cheap wifi adapter gets many connections it freezes computer completely. Cant find solution for that. Petrambijus, go to the homepage of the PC vendor and download the latest driver of your Wi-Fi adapter. It's worked for me for a while now, but it has affected my Internet connection a lot. If I ever unplug my LAN cable and put it back in after a long time, or restart my computer and try to use the internet, it says 'Identifying,shared' under the icon in the network connections window.

Today I was totally unable to connect to the internet, and only when I reversed the settings changed you gave did it start working again. Do advise as I really find sharing my connection useful. I've read this thread carefully but either with VirtualRouter or manually with your commands basically the same thing, creating a wi-fi hotspot I get the same error as 3 persons already posted and you never replied to them: I've checked and my wi-fi card supports wi-fi sharing, says Yes on Hosted Network Supported. Any1 had same problem and got to fix it?

I need help on this issue please. Will, I already replied to this question. Thanks for your reply Michael. H owever, I've managed to fix the problem right after since i'm not the kind of person who gives it up so easily. It turns out that I have my laptop connected to internet via Ethernet cable and usually have my wireless card disabled. To create the access point, obviously I had to enable the wireless card and all went well, acess point created, wireless mini virtual created but that error was due to my wireless switch was turned off stupid me.

As soon as I turned Wi-fi on, I could start hostednetwork. However, another laptop I have and my smartphone, although they could connect to the network, they didn't have Internet. They could ping each other but no access to Internet. And 2nd laptop had Internet since then. Also, although I don't quite understand why, my smartphone started to have Internet also I didn't make any changes, it has auto dhcp.

Hi, about my previous reply, easiest way to set static changes to your android's phone is simply press long the network, select "advanced option" and you'll see DHCP option wich can be set dinamic or static.

So, forget about app or abd for who have Android other mobile OS I don't know. Will, thanks for the info. Static IP settings often help. Check out this post for more tips of how to troubleshoot WiFi. Hello sir im secure connection as per your process. My android mobile is also connected. But it shows error " Network connection is disabled. I hope you're still monitoring this OK, so I've done all this, and it looks like it's all working. The devices themselves confirm that they are. Neither the iPhone or my relic of an HTC 'droid will display web pages, download emails or connect to the outside world in anyway.

I've done everything like you explained and i was allready at the point, where i was able to connect to the wifi but the internet didn't work. I tried to do everything a second time, and now, it gives me the error when i try to share it in the properties. I've allready waited like you said and the Wlan auto konfig service is running too. Do you have any tips for me to fix this problem? I've also tested restarting and reconnecting.

Right click the command prompt icon and then click "Run as administrator. Michael you are my friend forever. This procedure works on Windows7 as well, only thing is the Wifi key must conform certain minimum security rules so will not work and must be replaced with a "real" key string. I had this done in seconds. Thank you again. Do you have your Wi-fi switch on? Sometimes we dont' see the most simple solutions. This works well except for a problem. The sharing will stop once the computer restarts. Is there a way to install this as a service that automatically starts?

I performed all 9 steps and hotspot was created but when tried to connect through my nexus 4 mobile it is not connecting just showing "saved,secured with WPA2". I hope you have considered my below question. I have another query that is when finishing all steps, my another laptop get connected to hosted network for few minutes after that cannot find the hosted network in WiFi connections.

Please share your valuable inputs. Many Thanks Deep. Pls help. Hello i get it to the last stage, but i was trying to share it with my iphone, i get the Hotspot on my iphone wfii i insert the password and it connected but didnt browse. Alex, you only have to follow the instructions above. No other configurations in the Network and Sharing Center are required, However, other applications on your PC might interfere.

Hi, I followed all steps, but when I get to the part when you need to share your internet connection I dont have the sharing tab in properties, can you help? Hi, I had an error message and i followed your steps to check if BFE was running, and it was but i was still receiving the error message. I am using an ethernet connection and in properties, under home sharing network it never shows any option, just states "wi-fi". There is a connection found on my iphone but it does not connect and in my laptop it shows no internet access.

I've been struggling with exact the same problem as Mitesh describes above here. For so far I've not found a solution anywhere on the web. Wow- crystal clear guide, and I'm amazed at the level of support you have provided to folks with questions over such a long period of time! Success story: Laptop connection to the same network however stays live. Used this solution to route mobile devices through the laptops persistent connection.

Worked like a charm on the first attempt, and perhaps has kept me from destroying my phone in frustration. It is working for me after getting same error. Michael Pietroforte in step 9: Hi Michael! I have a problem in step 9: Internet Connection Sharing cannot be enabled. Noblica, it is difficult to describe a solution to your problem because it depends on your environment. I described the procedure here. I have done all the steps, and it seems to work.. I just can't connect to the internet.

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  • My phone connects to the hotspot all right. However, no internet. Ipv4 Connectivity: The network has been set up. But my android phone keeps on saying "Avoided poor Internet connection". How do I solve this issue? After i lunch a command prompt with admin privileges this was the reply i received. The wireless autoconfig service wlanssvc is not running.

    Create your virtual router

    I'm in a project where I have to create a hotspot at a low cost of investment in hardware and an internet use relatively low by users online surveys. For these steps below, how many concurrent users can be used? Nikko, I think the client versions of Windows have a limit of 20 concurrent connection with regard to file sharing. I am unsure if this also affects ICS. You better try it first. Besides, WiFi routers are cheap. If it is for a project, I probably wouldn't use Windows as a WiFi hotspot.

    TripMode : le logiciel génial pour partager sa connexion 3G/4G de l'iPhone sans se ruiner

    If you skim through the comments above, you'll notice that can you run into many problems. Hi all. I used this ics for a while without seriously problems on Win 8. Now I have a new internet provider, with pppoe connection. I got no router yet, just a cable. So im using my laptop to share this connection with 2 roommates over WIFI. Hostednetwork starts, sharing internet fine,if someone connects to hostednetwork that work for 10 min, after my pppoe network crashes.

    Cant reconnect to it. Troubleshooting error: Windows can't communicate primary dns server.. Turn on Wi-Fi hotspot. To see or change a hotspot setting, like the name or password, tap it. Step 2: On the other device, open that device's list of Wi-Fi options. Enter your phone's hotspot password. Click Connect. Check that your devices can tether using notifications Pixel phones can let other devices use their mobile data via notifications. Sign in to the same account On all your devices that will share connections: Sign in to the same Google Account.

    Learn how to add accounts. Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Learn how to turn them on. Let your phone share its connection Open your phone's Settings app. Tap Google Instant Tethering. Step 3:

    partage de connection windows phone 7 Partage de connection windows phone 7
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