Enable multitasking iphone 3g ifile

To Disable Multitasking: Install this. You must install BonjourPSSetup. Both cannot be running at the same time. Enable HDR: Orientation Lock Rotation Lock: Its built into the Multitasking task bar swipe the task bar to scroll to the left.

Enable Multitasking in iOS 4 on iPhone 3G without Redsn0w

The only thing you miss in SBSettings is the lock icon on the top bar of the iphone. Backgrounds wallpaper: Its been available since iOS3 afaik , but required Winterboard via Cydia to use it Winterboard allowed animated backgrounds as well. The iOS4 backgrounds have shadow features added and it not allowed on 3G by default. Animated Wallpaper video wallpaper: Change the appearance theme of every aspect of your iphone use aspects of the Android themes: This allows you to change every aspect of the theming on your iphone. Built into iOS 4. Allows you to print to network connected printers.

Download ezShare. Allows you to connect to all computers on your network and file share. You can also connect to a network printer. Now built in.

To add a android based ARMv7 port of Flash to your iphone:. OR 1 Download a deb file Frash Rotate Movie Files: Sometimes the Camera or Movie camera does not rotate the video the way you want it. Force Safari to act like Full web browser: Many web sites detect you are running a smartphone and redirect you to a simpler website.

To defeat this redirect download: Enable FaceTime over 3g networks: Download "Facebreak" via Cydia via sinfuliphonerepo. Make iPhone think its on Wi-Fi: Skyp, Fring, etc. OrbLive com. SlingPlayer com.

Fring com. AppStore com. Interstate com. MobileStore tv. Screen Capture built in: The screen will blink and you will hear a camera shutter sound and a picture of the screen will be saved into the current camera roll. Adding Call Ringtones: Cut your audio file down to 20sec or less. Save it as an. Rename it to. The built in ringtones go into the folder: And as typical, apple changes the name just like your music files.

I will upload some apps at a later time if I could but it may be at a different thread.

The Best Jailbreak Apps For The iPhone 4S [Jailbreak]

PNG April 30, , Old is Smart! The ATM has geekbench and whited00r will score according to me. New Thinking New Possiblities. Proud owner of the legendary iPhone 3G.

It's for the users out there who were trying to speed up their poor 4. At least It may be faster, but at the end of the day, it's still a 3G. MKE and Dog, reporting for duty! Quote from: You see this dog?

How to Enable Multitasking and Homescreen-Wallpaper on iPod Touches and iPhone 3G 4.0 Firmware

Yeah, she's my cute dog. SMF 2. Download Activator for free in Cydia. The simple shortcut utility allows you to access all of the system settings you toggle daily with a quick Activator action. You can tweet highlighted sections of text, look up definitions quickly, see your clipboard history, and more. This insanely detailed extension takes your iOS 5 Notification Center to the next level.

Speed up iPhone 3G w/ Homescreen WP and Working Multitasking and can score high in Geekbench

IntelliScreenX brings functionality to the Notification Center drop-down window that Apple should have included by default. There are multiple pages added to your Notification Center for quickly checking your Mail, Twitter and Facebook. Everything you need to see is in one place. One of the many perks of jailbreaking is the ability to theme your iPhone. You can make iOS look like just about anything, whether it be Windows Phone 7 or even Android we know, ew. Springtomize 2 is the combination of dozens of other miscellaneous jailbreak tweaks that have been in the spotlight over the years.

MyWi is widely considered the ultimate tethering tool for jailbreakers. You can add folders within folders, change folder backgrounds and animations, and add an infinite numbers of apps to each folder. Very nice. Think of iFile as Finder for your iPhone. Apple hides the iOS filesystem by default, but iFile reveals all to devious jailbreakers. As a long-time hall of fame jailbreak app, the latest version of biteSMS replaces the default iOS messaging system.

enable multitasking iphone 3g ifile Enable multitasking iphone 3g ifile
enable multitasking iphone 3g ifile Enable multitasking iphone 3g ifile
enable multitasking iphone 3g ifile Enable multitasking iphone 3g ifile
enable multitasking iphone 3g ifile Enable multitasking iphone 3g ifile
enable multitasking iphone 3g ifile Enable multitasking iphone 3g ifile

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