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Nov 18, 6: May 25, 7: May 25, 8: Actually, it was released in Feb , 3 months after varjack's post and almost a year after the thread started. Jun 3, 6: Jun 4, 6: Yes, that was the answer that was given a year ago.

iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 Are Not Compatible With iOS 8 Firmware

Is there a particular reason you're repeating it now? Jun 4, 3: Yes brother what you are telling is right, but how should i know that the answer has given a year before.. If i would knew it why sholud i post it again and thank you for the reply and next time i will be confident. Yes i do and thank you for the Suggestion.. Can iphone 3GS update the latest iOS?

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More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Adith88 Adith All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. You'll see this on the Summary page after selecting your iOS device. You may be prompted to update automatically when you first launch iTunes with your device connected. You'll see a notification if your device is already up to date. Click on Download and Update.

This will download the update to your computer, and apply it to your iOS device. This process may take a while, and you can monitor the progress of the update on your device's screen. Set up your device. After the update has been installed on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you'll need to complete it by entering your passcode or signing in with your Apple ID. If you installed a major update, you may be given a brief overview of the changes. If you're using an iPhone 4, iOS 7. You won't be able to install a newer version of iOS.

If you're using an iPhone 4S or newer, follow the instructions above to update. Yes No.

Not Helpful 38 Helpful You should be able to use cellular data no matter what version you are updating to and from. However, keep in mind that the data the device has to receive is coming straight out of your plan or contract.


iPhone 3GS

Not Helpful 13 Helpful It is not possible to update to later versions or run apps that require later versions of iOS. The iPhone 4 cannot be updated past iOS 7. If you want to use a newer version of iOS, you'll need to get a newer iPhone. Not Helpful 41 Helpful Can I update my phone from the internet without having mobile data service? All that is required is an internet connection, which you can get via WiFi.

Once updated, your phone may require a SIM card to be inserted before it can be activated. If this is true for you, you can insert any SIM card from your carrier that will fit in the slot, whether or not the card has been flashed with a phone number. Not Helpful 7 Helpful My device is running an older version of iOS, but the Download button is not available. What do I do? Chances are you're using a device that is no longer compatible with newer versions of iOS. The iPhone 4 and older iPhones cannot update to the latest version of iOS.

The 1st Generation iPad can also not update past 5.

iPhone 3GS - Wikipedia

Not Helpful 14 Helpful Deleting old photos off your iPhone is the quickest way to free up a lot of space. Games that you no longer play may also be taking up a lot of storage.

If you don't want to delete anything, you can use iTunes to download and install the update. Not Helpful 9 Helpful Apple typically stops supporting each iPhone device after about 3 years, so you'll probably need to get a new device if you want to keep updating the iOS. Not Helpful 16 Helpful Installing an update will remove your jailbreak access, and will likely prevent you from re-jailbreaking it until the newest exploit is found. Not Helpful 7 Helpful 8. Unfortunately, the hardware on the iPhone 3G is too old.

Apple usually discontinues a product after 3 years. Not Helpful 10 Helpful 5. Unanswered Questions. How do I update my iOS if it says it is up to date when it is not? Answer this question Flag as Flag as

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