Top 10 apps for samsung galaxy note

Best Apps for Galaxy Note 9/8
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Overall, this file manager has plenty of features that make it worth. It should meet all of your requirements and satisfy your needs. The SketchBook , an application from Autodesk a well-known Software corporation helps you take full advantage of S Pen and bring your thoughts and creativity into reality. This application allows users to create brilliant artworks on their phone.

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This app serves you heaps of drawing tools and configuration to focus all of your creativity into the canvas while drawing artworks. This tool has everything for everyone. You can use this to create different sketch while traveling or in a free time. That is far better than playing games. Another application that worth space on your phone.

If you frequently engage with documents related work for any kind of purpose, then this application is just for you. People usually use the camera application to click photos of papers, documents, and photographs. The CamScanner does the same job but in an effective manner.

Top 10 Must-Have Apps for Galaxy Note 9

Use this application to keep soft copies of your documents in the proper format, size, and quality. The way it captures the snapshot and stores soft copies its no different than what real scanner does. The CamScanner has inbuilt AI algorithm that captures clearer photos while maintaining the aspect ratio and size of the documents. You can easily save these documents in different formats and share them right away.

You capture all of your documents like papers, books, photo and anything that is important to you. As you capture the documents, instantly it serves you different tools to edit them. You can easily modify the aspect ratios, size, and other aspects. Moreover, over you can use the highlighter to pinpoint some important texts, add notes, or add a customized watermark on them.

That is helpful for branding purpose. This is a must-have application for Galaxy Note 9 smartphone user. Also, you can invite other people to collaborate, and comment on your scanned documents. This application works across different platform. You can easily sync documents on different devices and access them anywhere you want.

Basically, this app has been developed for education purpose. If you want to learn how to draw different things like humans, cartoons, animals and other stuff then probably, you should show courtesy towards this app. While using the S Pen, you learn to draw different things on your phone. The users could start by selecting a thing to draw from different categories. That should help you enhance and improve the existing skills. Not only it connects you to your buddies, but it makes possible to pursue conversations related to different platforms right from this application.

It can sync all of your conversations to your Google account, keeping it safe and secure. Most of the people stick with the native SMS application that comes preinstalled on the phone. There are always chances to get something better if we look out. By default, all the conversation is set to store over their cloud storage media with end-to-end encryption. That keeps your personal information, and conversations safe and private.

Unlike the native messaging app, the Pulse SMS is not limited in terms of features. It has an inbuilt spam blocker that helps to block or blacklist spam SMS sources. Although this application is completely free and serves no advertisements, still you can purchase the paid version to support them and extend some features. You can add a protective layer to your conversation by making them password protected with this application. While you share the links with your friends, you have a preview of them through this app.

Or if you do business or handle a team, you can set preconfigured auto-replies. That will enhance your reach and response time. We highly recommend this application for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and other users. I would say, you must have this application on your phone. This application can make your file transfer tasks easier as they could be.

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Basically, the Xender application is almost similar to other file-sharing applications like ShareIt, but it has something that no other app could offer you. It offers you an amazing way to transfer your files to your computer through the most effortless method. Instead, your Internet browser is enough to do this task. To form a connection with your phone and computer wirelessly, you just need to open the following webpage on your computer:.

Then, open the Xender application on your phone, then tap on Connect to PC and scan the preset bar code. Now, you can easily access the files present on your phone through the browser. Use the drag and drop method to copy files from computer to your phone. There is no need to carry a USB cable or use some kind of PC suite, just have this application installed on your phone. We highly recommend this application. It can save your efforts and time. Your phone remains incomplete without a perfect wallpaper.

There are various applications that provide such wallpapers. It has a huge database of such wallpapers having higher screen resolution. This app is famous for its dark wallpapers. To make your selection quick, this application has around 1o categories. You can browse the wallpaper through these categories.

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The team in the background has done fabulous work in gathering these minimal and beautiful wallpapers. Many of these have a resolution up to 4K that should make your phone look better and beautiful. That makes this app a solid contender in our list useful apps for Galaxy Note 9. More and more users tend to do their document-related work on their smartphone. Since Note 9 has a massive screen size and resolution, office applications work superbly.

The official Microsoft applications are available for Android users too, but you might feel limited while using them. Until you purchase their subscription, you cannot use all of its functions. The Polaris Office is one of the best alternatives to Microsoft office applications. This is an all-in-tool to handle your documents related work. Whether you want to create a resume or a slide or some sort of excel sheet, you can do this using the Polaris Office application.

This application is free to download and use. And offers you most of the tools that you required to carry out your office work. This application works across multiple platforms that help continue work anytime from anywhere. Either you can save your documents on the local storage or sync them with your cloud account. It supports different cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and many others.

To unlock more advanced features, you can purchase its premium version. Otherwise, this app will remain free forever. To spice up the user-interface, you can use Android launchers. On the Google Play store, there are countless such applications. The Nove Launcher stands out that sea.

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And there are many reasons for that. The Nove Launcher is a performance-driven home launcher that gives numerous customization options without slowing down your phone. It has got a lot of customization options to edit most of the user interface part. Unlike this native UI launcher, Nova Launcher has countless opportunities to customize your phone. You can easily customize the UI, icons, widgets, folders and so on.

For icons, it has tons of themes you can choose instantly. It is faster and much stable than other launchers. The premium version includes some advanced features like Gestures, Unread counts for messages, and conversations, customized Drawer groups, and many more. For more such Android launchers, follow our below list:. Editing videos on such big-display screen is an easy task. The recent update has brought multi-track timeline facility in PowerDirector application. That facilitates you combine different videos and create some stunning visuals. You can use the latest trend slow-motion effects to polish your videos with professional.

Or you can go beyond, you can add fas, slow, and reverse effect while changing the background smartly. Merely a few applications have such capabilities and PowerDirector is one of them. The PowerDirect video editor has been quite popular among PC users. While with their Android application, they are bringing the same features to smartphones. Or you can learn this application through tutorials available on YouTube. With this app, it becomes easier to compile a video by combining different photos, videos, music, texts and so on. There is a wide range of filters that add different FX effects like other pro applications.

The 10 Best S Pen Apps For Galaxy Note

Furthermore, you can backup all your messages to Google Drive. In a nutshell, SMS Organizer is a lifesaver when it comes to handling and managing text messages under a single roof.

10 great apps for the galaxy note

Next on our list is Universal Copy. As the name implies, this app can copy text from practically anywhere , be it a tweet or an Instagram caption. In short, Universal Copy comes into play when Android's native copy-paste functionality fails. Set up is simple as you just have to enable the app. To copy a text snippet, pull down the notification shade and tap on the Activate Universal Copy option.

Now, select the text you intend to copy, and then tap on the Copy icon. If yes, the Animatic app is your next stop. As the name suggests, it lets you create flipbook-like animations. What's more, you can even export them as GIFs or video files. Like a typical animation tool, Animatic lets you create animation frame by frame with a tool to combine them at the end. However, if digital sketching is your first love, try your hands on Adobe Photoshop Sketch app. With tools like pencils, pens, markers, acrylic brushes, and calligraphy pens, sketching in this app is a blissful experience.

Unlike the in-house Notes app, Sketch's interface is far more advanced and almost manages to bring a natural drawing experience to the foyer. However, it can't necessarily make an intelligent decision to switch between two or more Wi-Fi networks. WiFi Prioritizer saves you from all these hassles with its unique functionality. What's more, it's quite simple to set it up. Google's Snapseed is one of the few image editors that can easily edit RAW images. This app auto-detects RAW images and suggests tools such as structure, highlights, temperature, shadow control, exposure, and tint. Once you're done editing, you can export the images as regular JPEG files.

Over the last two months, I have experimented with many wallpaper apps. Finally the one app that ekes out the best from the display is WallpapersCraft. WallpaperCraft boasts of a ton of wallpapers in 4K resolution. What's more, they are categorized which makes it easier to find the ones that interest you. Do you often forget passwords? If you are someone like me, you'll feel right at home with the Dashlane password manager.

top 10 apps for samsung galaxy note Top 10 apps for samsung galaxy note
top 10 apps for samsung galaxy note Top 10 apps for samsung galaxy note
top 10 apps for samsung galaxy note Top 10 apps for samsung galaxy note
top 10 apps for samsung galaxy note Top 10 apps for samsung galaxy note
top 10 apps for samsung galaxy note Top 10 apps for samsung galaxy note
top 10 apps for samsung galaxy note Top 10 apps for samsung galaxy note

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